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We now live in a world where consumers demand immediate, real-time and prescriptive feedback or request for timely, convenient and conversational services. We are now in era where apps and bots are disrupting retail businesses.

The increasing need for on-demand and convenient services by consumers and the technological shift towards mobile web and app are part of the main reasons why we are experiencing a boom in the startup ecosystem. These startups are trying their possible best to make it easy, affordable and convenient for consumers to demand for services via their mobile phones. And almost every day, a new startup is launched in the ecosystem to solve a particular problem.

However, the ever increasing number of mobile apps in the startup ecosystem is leading to a strong competition for mobile storage space on consumers’ phones. The strong competition among startups in trying to convince users/consumers to download their mobile apps has led to what is called “app fatigue”.

Most smartphones have limited storage space and when the storage space is very limited due to having downloaded so many apps, it affects the phone’s performance. Also, having many apps running in the background tends to suck out the battery’s life, and these are main reasons why consumers are deleting apps from their phones.

Furthermore, most consumers are losing interest in downloading new or additional apps except for those apps that are offering unique services that are part of their daily lives. The apps that are mostly present and frequently used on the phones of most consumers are messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram and Line. Most of the already existing mobile apps are competing with messaging apps for storage space and that is because communication is an essential part of our daily lives.

The world of communication via mobile phones is moving towards messaging. Millennials are texting more than using phone calls or emails. Consumer service is also moving towards messaging and that is why JustPingUs was born.

What is JustPingUs?

JustPingUs is a mobile personal assistant and task management startup that is set to revolutionize the way people get their daily chores, tasks or to-do lists done. Users can ping their requests on Messenger or WhatsApp and a Pinging Expert would connect with them to confirm and process their requests. Users can even get their requests fulfilled with just a ping – so long it’s legal.

My mission is to help people improve their productivity by focusing more on the things they love doing while we take care of their daily chores, tasks or to-do lists in an easy, convenient and efficient manner. My vision is  to be one of the leading providers of virtual assistant and automated task management service.

How Do  I Start Using JustPingUs Service?

Think WhatsApp or Messenger – but instead of pinging with your friends and family members, you are pinging with a virtual personal assistant. To get started, simply ping us your request on WhatsApp (+234 701 156 6010) or Messenger. We will create a personal account for you in our back-end that would help us offer you personalised services. With JustPingUs, you can request for help on anything you desire – so long as it’s legal.

Why Messaging?

JustPingUs is among the first conversational commerce platforms in Nigeria and here are the main reasons why we chose messaging:

  • Messaging has outranked phone calls as the dominant form of communication among millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000. They love to ping!
  • Almost every smartphone user in Nigeria has WhatsApp downloaded on their phones for pinging purposes
  • Messaging consumes less data and cost less than phone calls
  • Most people are very familiar with messaging apps as they use them everyday
  • Messages have a higher read rate than emails

Why Should I Use JustPingUs Services?

Let’s imagine you want to spend your weekend in a nice hotel at Victoria Island and you need a 4-star hotel that would offer you the best deal for the weekend. To get the best deals, you would have to browse through various hotel booking sites and apps. Now, that’s time consuming and stressful.

Now, let me share with you how our services are convenient and unique…

With just a simple ping, we would do all the searching with our own time and data and ping the best deals (hotel names plus their booking fees) you. Our human assistants – Pinging Experts – are the best in the searching and pinging service. You would then choose the deal that’s best for you or you can simply ask us to choose for you. Once you agree with the total fee, we would ping you a secured payment link that you would use to make payment with your debit or credit card or you can choose to do a bank deposit. As soon as your payment is confirmed on our end, we would immediately book the hotel room and ping you the booking details. It’s as simple and as convenient as that and our services are free.

Let’s also imagine you are looking for a startup to officially partner with that would help sell your products and services to its users/customers in Nigeria, you can officially partner with JustPingUs. For example, if you are offering cab services, JustPingUs would do all of its cab booking on your platform for users/customers that request for a cab.

JustPingUs currently has some categories of services listed on the website, but our services are not limited to those categories. You can request for anything you desire and we will get is done – so long it’s legal and possible We also have a detailed and comprehensive list of startups and companies in Nigeria and the services/products they offer, and we are constantly adding more startups and companies to the list. Whenever a customer pings us with a request, let’s to deliver a particular food at their office, we would scan through our list of food delivery startups and offer the customer the best deal.

Mobile App

We have discovered some limitations to using WhatsApp for faster, better and more efficient services. So, we are working on our own mobile app.

Human Assistant + Conversational AI Bots = Hybrid Assistant

Currently, we are 100% powered by humans – our great, hardworking, passionate and dedicated Pinging Experts. They receive, clarify, confirm and process every request.

However, we know that processing thousands of requests per day won’t be an easy task for our Pinging Experts so we are working towards offering you hybrid assistant services. Creating and using an intelligent chatbot would help our great Pinging Experts to focus more on the not-so-simple or complex requests while we use our chatbot to process very simple requests.

“Bots are the new apps.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

If you have any question about JustPingUs, please email me at jerry@justpingus.com.ng and I would personally respond to your email. If you would like to partner with us, click here to fill in our partnership form.

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